Captain Harkan

Race: Human
Appearance: Olive skinned Human Male. Short Dark hair, Athletic body. Wears Red & Gold painted Armour with an enchanted Cape. Welds a Golden Falchion Blade.
Personality & Traits: Quickwitted, Soldier. He has a penchant for escaping trouble and is very tactically minded.

Captain Harkan was an officer in the Tresvok Military, who was tasked with going 3,000 years into the past and blowing up the Kranock Toor to seperate the Dwarven Cities of Shellack & Svalbajor. Captain Harkan also transported the Elemental Law maker Genji back in time.

Captain Harkan served in the Tresvoksan Military all his life, learning the arts of combat in the prestigious Tresvok Military Academy. Captain Harkan was instrumental in the war against Ferok’s Warband. He was a skilled Gryphon rider. Other notable acts include the capture of Dwarf Archaeologist Nobel Forgehand.

Captain Harkan was killed by Future Acquisitions Inc. inside the Kranock Toor and his troops were either slain or fled abandoning their mission.

Captain Harkan

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