Race: Human
Appearance: Old white male, often wears a hooded Dark Red Cloak, he carries an ornate Black Staff, has a cold and terrifying voice
Personality & Traits: Evil, Short Tempered, Necromancer, obsessed with raising the Dark Lord Vecna, he is excited by blood.

Zaul served as the head of the Mage’s Guild in Svalbajor for over fifty years. He specialises in Necrotic magicks and until recently was viewed as a very important figure by all Mage’s Guilds in Gaia.

Zaul stormed the Royal Bank of Svalbajor with a force of Undead to steal a magically locked chest containing part of Vecna’s body in the hope of raising him and bringing darkness to the Mortal Plane.

Zaul was Foiled in his attempts by Future Acquisitions Inc. and was taken to the dreaded Dwarven Prison of Molten Keep. Zaul is said to have escaped with ease and is the only person to escape from the prison in it’s 7000 year history.

Zaul is currently wanted by all the Kingdoms in [[The Old World]{, his whereabouts are unknown.


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